Fish are plentiful at Charley Young Beach

Local families (even some tourists) fish almost every day by the rocks at the north end of Charley Young Beach across the street from our condo at Maui Vista 2418.

When people fish from the beach, as brother and sister Shelly and Rodney are getting ready to do in the picture to the right, the hook is baited, weighted, and cast far out in the surf. The fishing rod is then posted in the sand with a bell on the rod. Everybody sits back, relaxes, chats with friends, reads a book, catches some rays – whatever they want to do. When the bell rings, everybody jumps up to see what’s on the line. If it’s a big fish, a crowd will gather.

Want to try it? In Hawaii you don’t even need a license to fish!

Check out this beauty Shelly caught!

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