Saturday morning tennis social at Maui Vista

Maui Vista is a great place for tennis players of all ages and abilities. Here’s a picture from a Maui Vista “Tennis Social.” Loosely organized by Tennis Pro Ricardo every saturday morning, usually two or more tennis courts are filled with doubles teams playing abbreviated sets (best out of 4 games with a shortened tie-breaker if necessary). After a second round where winners play winners and losers play losers, Richardo mixes up partners to create new teams to play against one another. A great way to meet new people on your vacation while having fun playing tennis!

Our Maui Vista 2418 condo comes with four tennis rackets for guests to use. There are six courts that open at 8:00 am every day. No court reservations – it’s first come, first serve. If interested, you can check out a tennis court key at the front office. (NOTE: there’s a $20 refundable deposit for the key.)

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