Tennis Lessons at Maui Vista with Ricardo

With six beautiful championship courts, Maui Vista is a great place for tennis players of all abilities. Last year (2011) it got even better with the addition of Tennis Pro Ricardo. In addition to private and team lessons, Ricardo holds hour-and-a-half clinics almost every day (at $10 per person!). He is a GREAT tennis instructor. His teaching style is to feed you a number of balls – say to your forehand – and watch you very, very closely. At some point he’ll say STOP and come over to your side and show and tell you something he wants you to change. Usually it’s something quite small – like how you point your left toe or what your non-dominant hand does during the stroke. From my experience, he is always spot on. I was in a clinic once when a lady said she had been taking lessons for 20 years and no one every pointed out some little flaw that Ricardo saw in 5 minutes. Suddenly, her shots were better. Take a lesson, your shots will be better too!

Our Maui Vista 2418 condo comes with four tennis rackets for guests to use. The courts open at 8:00 am every day. No court reservations – it’s first come, first serve. If interested, you can check out a tennis court key at the front office. (NOTE: there’s a $20 refundable deposit for the key.)

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