Surfing the Big Water at Honolua Bay

When the surf is up the best surfers head for their favorite spots. In the winter months, Honolua Bay, past Kapalua at the northwest corner of Maui, can be one of the best. This picture was taken in December, a day before a women’s pro event sponsored by Billabong. The best vantage point is down the dirt road on the east side of the Bay. Unless there’s an event going on, there’s lots of parking available.

While you won’t always see great surfing at Honolua Bay, it’s well worth the trip. When the surf’s not running some of the West Maui snorkling boats stop there. But you don’t have to spend the big bucks to see the fish and fine coral of Honolua Bay. Take some beach chairs, towels and snorkle gear from our condo and head out. Past the paved view point overlooking Honolua Bay from the east, the road goes downhill and curves around the bay. Park at the bottom of the hill (you’ll see other cars) and take the trail to the beach. You can swim out from there.

Oh yes, the beach isn’t sandy – so take some water shoes or reliable sandals to protect your feet.

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