Kite Beach – a good day to fly

Taking off

To get to Kite Beach, located on Maui’s north shore in Kahului, you drive through an industrial area and past the waste water treatment plant. It’s not your average tourist destination. (See map below.)

When there’s a steady wind, that’s where the kite boarders go. On a good day the sky is full of kites. We’re not talking flying kids kites here; these kites will fly you.

Flying high

It’s a big beach. Beginners, and those who are more tentative, work their skills at the west end of the beach. If you’re ambitious you can even take a lesson there.

Those who know what they’re doing board, and fly, at the east end of the beach – right in front of the small dirt parking lot.

Coming in for landing

The protocol for kite boarders is to travel in a big clockwise circle; sometimes coming close to shore and turning back way out at sea. This keeps lines from crossing. Since lots of boarders are skimming across the waves at speeds in excess of 20 mph, an abrupt stop would not be good.

The best kite boarders catch air. BIG AIR. The fellow in these pictures probably reached 20 feet vertical and flew 100 to 200 feet.


Then he stuck it. He, and several others that morning, did it over and over again.

It’s great entertainment. The best tricks are done close to shore.

To get to Kite Beach from the south, head toward the airport on Dairy Road. Turn towards the West Maui Mountains on the Hana Highway then follow the map below.

Map to Kite Beach

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