See the fish without getting wet – Maui Aquarium


Want to see an amazing collection of tropical fish, but you don’t want to snorkel or scuba dive? Maybe you’ve had enough of the beach and the heat for awhile and you’re looking for something different. Or – heaven forbid – it’s raining and you need an indoor activity. If any of these apply, try the Maui Ocean Center – aka the Maui Aquarium – at Maalaea Bay.

The Maui Ocean Center has a fabulous collection of tropical fish and sea life: octopus, sharks, sea horses, shrimp, coral, turtles, and a rainbow of fish both large and small. It’s easy to find, just take the road to Lahaina and look for the signs. Admission in 2013/14 is $25.50 for adults and $18.50 for children through age 12.

Hammer head shark

Hammer head shark


MOC 15

Sea horse

Sea horse

Black tip reef shark

Black tip reef shark

MOC 10

Moray eel

Moray eel

Octopus - note ink

Frightened octopus – note ink


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